NHS Trust Development Authority Directions 2016

These directions consolidate previous ones and give new functions to the NHS Trust Development Authority (NHS TDA) from 1 April 2016.



The directions in the first document consolidate all previous NHS Trust Development Authority (NHS TDA) directions. They update and clarify previous provisions and also make new directions in relation to additional NHS TDA functions.

The new directions make specific provisions regarding:

  • the NHS TDA exercising additional functions of the Secretary of State around improvement of health services that before 1 April 2016 were carried out by NHS England
  • the NHS TDA and Monitor working together under a single leadership and operating model to ensure improvement in quality of care, patient safety and financial sustainability across the health service
  • giving the NHS TDA a new general objective that requires it, when exercising functions, to ensure that NHS trusts are able to comply with the duty under section 26 of the National Health Act 2006
  • the NHS TDA may have regard to new models of care and arrangements in respect of the provision of health services.

The directions in the second document require the NHS TDA to establish the Healthcare Safety Investigation Branch. They are made in relation to the Secretary of State’s functions under sections 1 and 2 of the NHS Act, and, in particular, the duty to secure continuous improvement in the outcomes achieved from the provision of services. One of the outcomes specified in the 2006 Act in relation to the improvement duty is the safety of services.

Published 1 April 2016