Research and analysis

Natural Capital Committee research: corporate natural capital accounting

A framework for organisations to take better account of the natural capital they own, depend on or for which they are responsible.



This framework help businesses understand the value of their natural assets like timber and fish stocks. It’s known as corporate natural capital accounting (CNCA). The framework was developed by the Natural Capital Committee (NCC), working with eftec, RSPB and PwC.

Over the course of 2014 this framework was piloted with four major landowners:

  • National Trust
  • Lafarge Tarmac
  • The Crown Estate
  • United Utilities

The guidelines contain practical steps for organisations seeking to undertake their own accounts.

You can read more information about the work of the Natural Capital Committee.

These documents were originally published on a separate website managed by the NCC during its first term.

Published 26 January 2015