Research and analysis

Multiple sclerosis: prevalence, incidence and smoking status

Analysis of a sample of primary care records relating to diagnosed cases of multiple sclerosis in England.



This briefing document analyses data recorded in a sample of primary care records of patients with recorded diagnosis of multiple sclerosis (MS). It examines:

  • the prevalence (number of cases) of MS in the dataset and provides an estimate for the England total in 2018
  • the incidence (new cases) of MS and provides estimates for the England total for 9 financial years
  • the most recent recorded smoking status of cases with and without a diagnosis of MS

This briefing is for health commissioners, clinicians and providers of services supporting patients with MS. These findings are available and presented at a national level with the intention that they are then interpreted to inform a local assessment of the needs of patients with MS and the provision of health and care services.

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Published 4 February 2020