Transparency data

MOD spending over £500 on a GPC and spending over £25,000, April 2010 to December 2013

Reports on departmental spending over £500 with a government procurement card (GPC) and reports on departmental spending over £25,000.



MOD publishes details of all spending over £500 using a GPC (departmental debit card) and details of all departmental spending over £25,000 on a monthly basis.

There is a CSV file covering each month from April 2010, subsequent files will be added by the last working day following each month end.

All transactions within the files relate to a payment over £25,000. In some instances the payment will appear less than £25,000, this is because some elements of the payment have not been disclosed. Recoverable VAT has been excluded along with transactions which are exempt from publication

For government procurement card payments, the total value monthly payment to Barclaycard is shown in the monthly £25,000 file with a supplementary file showing the individual transactions above £500.00

Published 30 November 2012
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