Ministry of Defence copyright and merchandising: information and documents

MOD copyright information, how to obtain licensing permission, use of MOD names, logos and insignia on items offered for sale (merchandise).

Published 13 September 2013
Last updated 5 April 2017 + show all updates
  1. Updated Battle of Britain memorial flight insignia list.
  2. Removed 'Licence agreement for the use of some Ministry of Defence logos for specified and limited purposes only', 'Re-use of Crown copyright material by third parties: guidance note for contractors', and 'Re-use regulations 2015, statement of public task for the Ministry of Defence'
  3. Updated the MOD Crown Copyright Licensing Information.
  4. Updated Armed forces officially licensed products guidance and application form.
  5. Added updated documents.
  6. Added updated Armed Forces Officially Licensed Products Guidance, Official Licensed Products Application Form, Insignia lists for RN, Army and RAFand new Red Arrows Insignia List.
  7. Added updated MOD Copyright licensing information document.
  8. Added new document for Re-use Regulations 2015, Statement of Public Task for the Ministry of Defence.
  9. Added the April 2015 Armed Forces Officially Licensed Products guidance..
  10. Added updated Armed Forces Officially Licensed Products Guide, Official Licensed Products Application Form and Army, Navy and Air Force insignia's for licensing.
  11. Added updated Armed forces’ officially licensed products and Official licensed products application form
  12. Added updated Copyright licensing information document and 4 new documents.
  13. First published.