Independent report

Review of guidance on HIV-infected healthcare workers

Recommends that restrictions on HIV-infected healthcare workers (HCWs) be relaxed if certain conditions are met.

Applies to England



The tripartite working group considered:

  • evidence on the risk of HIV transmission from healthcare worker to patient
  • data from retrospective patient notification exercises connected with HIV-infected HCWs in the UK from 1988 to 2008
  • international policies on HIV-infected HCWs

In addition to the group’s conclusions and recommendations, the report contains a proposed implementation framework.

The tripartite working group, which was set up to review the current policy for HCWs infected with blood-borne viruses, consists of experts including the chairs and members of the:

  • UK Advisory Panel for Healthcare Workers Infected with Blood-borne Viruses
  • Advisory Group on Hepatitis
  • Expert Advisory Group
Published 20 April 2011