Malaria reference laboratory (MRL): user handbook

Details of MRL laboratory services including malaria diagnosis.



The Malaria Reference Laboratory (MRL) provides the following services:

  • malaria diagnosis
  • epidemiological data for the PHE Centre for Infectious Disease Surveillance and Control (CIDSC)
  • prophylaxis advice for travellers
  • technical advice on methodology and laboratory procedures

These services are offered to:

  • all hospitals
  • PHE and NHS laboratories
  • GPs
  • private medical laboratories throughout the UK and abroad
Published 1 March 2013
Last updated 20 August 2021 + show all updates
  1. Updated following sections: 'Location', 'Staff and telephone numbers', 'Sample', 'Specimen collection' and 'Laboratory investigation of malaria'.

  2. Added information on data security and outbreak investigations.

  3. Added latest version of Malaria reference laboratory user handbook.

  4. Updated staff and telephone numbers, investigation of malaria: polymerase chain reaction (PCR) testing and PCR turnaround time.

  5. Replaced user handbook with 2016 edition.

  6. Updated guidance on obtaining malaria prophylaxis advice and on procedure for Hazard Group 4 risk specimens.

  7. First published.