Policy paper

Major Capital Programmes: insights from recent experience

This document brings together insights from delivering major capital programmes, to inform the design and delivery of future programmes.



The UK has delivered, or is in the process of delivering, a number of high-profile major capital programmes.

Lessons learned from their delivery have been applied to the design of subsequent programmes. For example, the lessons from the Olympics and Crossrail are being used in the design of the delivery arrangements for HS2.

An execution strategy with a number of common elements has emerged that attempts to address the significant challenges inherent in these programmes.

The Infrastructure and Projects Authority, supported by Deloitte, has written this discussion document with the intention of drawing together some aspects of this experience in order to inform the design and delivery of future major capital programmes. It is based on a review of case study experience, and discussions with leaders from the programmes.

Published 23 March 2016