Defence catering manual: catering, retail and leisure: guidance (JSP 456 part 2, volume 4)

Regulations, instructions and guidance on the catering, retail and leisure concept for those working in armed forces catering.


Catering, retail and leisure concept (updated June 2016)

Catering accounting regulations (updated August 2016)

Hospital, rehabilitation and medical reception centre messing (updated June 2016)

Field exercise catering (updated June 2016)

Crown account supplements (updated September 2015)

Menu policy and food input standards (updated September 2016)

Function definition (updated June 2016)

Inspections and audits (updated June 2016)

The employment of core catering manpower

Payment systems

Equipment and infrastructure (updated June 2016)

Catering retail and leisure management

Catering, retail and leisure training


Alternative CRL provision

Gaming machines

Value added tax (updated October 2015)

Service provision payment

In-flight catering (updated August 2016)


The Defence catering manual, Joint Service Publication (JSP) 456, provides regulations, instructions and guidance for all those working in catering for the UK armed forces.

Volume 4 covers the catering, retail and leisure concept.