Defence catering manual: food safety management: guidance (JSP 456 part 2, volume 3)

Regulations, instructions and guidance on food safety management for those working in armed forces catering.


Guidance: defence food safety management (updated October 2018)

Application of food safety legislation to the MOD (updated April 2018)

Organisation of food safety within the armed forces (updated September 2016)

Food safety practices (updated October 2018)

Medical aspects of food safety

Audit and inspection (updated June 2017)

Food safety training (updated April 2017)


The Defence catering manual, Joint Service Publication (JSP) 456, provides regulations, instructions and guidance for all those working in catering for the UK armed forces.

Volume 3 covers aspects of food safety management.

Published 21 July 2010
Last updated 12 November 2018 + show all updates
  1. Added: Food Safety Practices (updated October 2018) and Guidance: defence food safety management (updated October 2018)
  2. Updated the Application of food safety legislation to the MOD guidance.
  3. Updated guidance and chapter 5.
  4. Updated guidance and food safety practices chapter.
  5. Added updated Food safety training
  6. Added updated documents: Guidance: defence food safety management and Food safety training
  7. Updated Chapter 3.
  8. Added updated: part 2 guidance, chapters 2 and 5
  9. Added revised Part 2 guidance and chapter 3.
  10. Updated Chapter 3 and the main Guidance document.
  11. Added updated parts Guidance and Chapter 3.
  12. Added updated parts Part 2 Guidance and Chapter 3.
  13. Part 2 Volume 3 Prelims e-mail address correction and updated Record of amendments. Part 2 Volume 3 Amendment 002 Chapter 3 Annex B Appendix 6 Dispersed Feeding Record FCAT 1013 (the inclusion of allergens at note (e)).
  14. Added updated Preliminary section and Chapter 2 and 5.
  15. Added revised Chapter 3.
  16. Added new version of documents added.
  17. First published.