Defence catering manual: catering management: guidance (JSP 456 part 2, volume 1)

Regulations, instructions and guidance on catering management for those working in armed forces catering.


Catering services management and administration (updated May 2016)

The PFM food supply system (updated May 2016)

Deliveries, receipts and storage of food (updated September 2016)

Nutrition and healthy eating

Menu planning (updated September 2016)

Food service management (updated May 2016)

Mess management

Operational catering (updated May 2016)

Contract catering (non-CRL)

Catering competitions (updated May 2016)

Catering and information systems (updated May 2016)

Royal Navy catering management (updated September 2016)


The Defence catering manual, Joint Service Publication (JSP) 456, provides regulations, instructions and guidance for all those working in catering for the UK armed forces.

Volume 1 covers aspects of catering management.