British maritime doctrine (JDP 0-10)

Provides authoritative direction on the employment of maritime power and explains utility of maritime power.

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This has been replaced with UK maritime power (JDP 0-10).



The fourth edition of Joint Doctrine Publication (JDP) 0-10 ‘British maritime doctrine’ has 2 objectives:

  • provide authoritative direction on the employment of maritime power to those charged with its delivery
  • explain its utility to all of the other actors who influence, or are influenced by, the use of maritime power

Chapter 1

The ends, describes UK national interest, the strategic maritime environment and defines the purpose of British maritime power drawing from the strategic political direction provided in the ‘National security strategy’ and the 2010 ‘Strategic defence and security review’.

Chapter 2

The ways, details the enduring attributes and roles of British maritime power.

Chapter 3

The means, explains how the conceptual, moral and physical components of fighting power combine to deliver a balanced fleet with war fighting at its core.

While designed to be read in a logical progression from chapter to chapter, individual chapters stand by themselves.

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Published 1 August 2011

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