COVID-19 rapid lateral flow test kit instructions: throat and nose test

How to do a rapid throat and nose test for COVID-19 and report the results. Rapid tests show the result on a device that comes with the test.



Check the expiry date before you do the test. Do not use out-of-date tests. Use a test from a box which is still in date.

This coronavirus (COVID-19) rapid throat and nose test comes in a blue and white pack.

This guide tells you how to:

  • prepare the test
  • take a swab sample from yourself or a child
  • process the sample
  • read and report the result

There’s separate information on how to do a PCR home test. This is the test that is sent to a lab to be checked.

Find help to do the test and report your result

To watch a video demonstration and for help with doing the test and reporting results, see how to do a COVID-19 rapid lateral flow test.

Published 29 January 2021
Last updated 9 April 2024 + show all updates
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