Research and analysis

In-work progression advice trial evaluation

This qualitative research gathers insights into how best to help people getting 'in-work' benefits to progress in the labour market.


Evaluating the In-Work Progression Advice Trial


This research assesses a trial of 3 different letters and, in some cases, follow up text messages sent to people receiving tax credits. The letters and text messages explained the advice and support that the National Careers Service provides to help people ‘get on in work’ and gave contact details.

We will use the research to help inform the support people who are in work and getting Universal Credit will need to progress in the labour market. Universal Credit is replacing a number of out of work and in work benefits, including tax credits.

Authors: Dr Caroline Paskell, Nilufer Rahim, Anna Kazira and Tanya Crowther (NatCen)

Published 26 January 2016