Improving the mental health of babies, children and young people

A framework of modifiable factors to guide promotion of good mental health in babies, children and young people.

Applies to England



The mental health of babies, children and young people (BCYP) influences their current and future health, as well as their wider life chances and outcomes. The early part of the life course, from birth to young adulthood (0 to 25 years), provides important opportunities for promoting and protecting mental health.

These 3 documents:

  • highlight the wide range of modifiable factors that interact to influence the mental health of BCYP, summarising them in a framework
  • convey opportunities across the BCYP life course to both promote and minimise risks to the mental health of BCYP
  • provide information on activities being taken across government that positively impact upon the mental health of BCYP

This information can be used as a prompt for stakeholders who work across different parts of a local system to:

  • review what work is underway
  • develop local frameworks to improve BCYP mental health
  • identify where there might be gaps and opportunities for taking further action
Published 8 January 2024