Research and analysis

Identifying where existing EIAs/HRAs can/should inform new assessments

Evidence requirement R062: Identifying where existing EIAs/HRAs can/should inform new assessments



Requirement R062

To categorise assessments submitted as part of a marine licence application to the Marine Management Organisation (MMO) and improve accessibility to these assessments, where appropriate.

Review associated licence conditions and monitoring to ensure consistency of decision making.

Requirement detail

The MMO requires knowledge of which assessments submitted in support of license applications should and could be made publically available, and how this should be done.

Currently, a significant number of assessments such as Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA) and Habitats Regulations Assessments (HRA), Water Framework Directive Assessments and Marine Conservation Zone (MCZ) assessments are undertaken in English waters to support marine licence decision making.

The MMO also requires a review of the conditions and monitoring used for granting licence applications over time. This is to ensure mitigation measures are continuing to provide appropriate environmental protection, ensuring the MMO is making evidence based decisions and mitigation is effective, facilitating proportionate evidence requests and improving transparency and access to data. The work should also include a mechanism of iterative review such that MMO could ensure a refresh of advice where necessary.

MMO use

Marine Licensing: Provide an overview of previous license assessments that might be useful for future applications and licensing decision making and improve discoverability and accessibility to this information

Marine Conservation: Provide information for conducting habitats regulations assessments for European marine sites and impact assessments for management measures for MPAs and understand the effect of new designations and the effectiveness of their management.

External interest

Natural England, Environment Agency, Cefas, developers, statutory licensing advisors

Delivery target

2019, Q4

Published 16 March 2017