HS2 Woodland Fund 2019 application form

Use this form to apply for funding to create woodland or restore ancient woodland within 25 miles from the HS2 Phase One route from London to the West Midlands.


HS2 Woodland Fund 2019 application form


The HS2 Woodland Fund 2019 application form is made up of 9 Microsoft Excel worksheets (Parts 1 to 9). The accompanying woodland creation plan (sections WCP 1 to WCP 5) is made up of 5 blue worksheets. You will need to provide the following information to complete your application:

  • Part 1 - your details
  • Part 2 - your contact details
  • Part 3 - your site details
  • Part 4 - PAWS restoration details
  • Worksheets for woodland creation plan details (WCP1 to WCP 5)
  • Part 5 - native creation details
  • Part 6 - scoring
  • Part 7 – summary and specifications (summary automatically draws data from other worksheets, but check for accuracy – the Forestry Commission will complete the specifications)
  • Part 8 – work and claim schedule
  • Part 9 - submission checklist

Completing the application form

You only need to complete the woodland creation plan sections (WCP 1 – WCP 5) if you are applying for funding to create new native woodland. You should do this before completing Part 5 (native creation details) so that your choices in Part 5 are well informed by your consideration of objectives.

You can see specific instructions for completing each worksheet in the application form. These are placed at the top of each worksheet, in a grey box. Read the instructions before scrolling down to complete the required fields in each worksheet.

If you are viewing the form in MS Excel, all mandatory fields are highlighted in yellow until they are completed. This functionality may not be available if opening the form in other software.

Fields filled in dark grey and locked for editing don’t require input from you.

You need to use a particular format to enter data in some fields. You will see an error message if your entry does not match the required format. You will have to choose an answer from a dropdown list for several question fields - this will be indicated in the question or column heading.

Published 18 March 2019
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