Woodland Research and Development Grant

Find out what’s involved and when to expect payment for this grant to support research and development in the forestry sector.

Applies to England

Organisations and businesses intending to innovate and develop new processes or technologies for the forestry sector in England can apply to the Forestry Commission for this grant, which is part of the Forestry Innovation Fund, along with the Woodland Creation Planning Grant (WCPG).

The Research and Development Grant (RDG) is a one-off grant that funds a maximum of 6 projects up to a total cost of £50,000 each.

The RDG is now closed for new applications.

How it works

Stage 1

You need to submit an expression of interest containing details of your proposed project, outlining:

  • what’s innovative about your project - this can be at the global level, so completely unique, or it can apply developments from a different sector or country to benefit UK forestry, and may include an element of original research
  • how it fits with the objectives of the scheme (to target opportunities for significant changes in productivity and substantial potential to encourage growth in any part of the forestry sector)

The first stage will ensure proposals are eligible and within scope of the fund.

You can no longer submit an expression of interest for funding in 2018. If the Forestry Commission invited you to make a full application you must have done so by 1 June 2018.

Stage 2

When the Forestry Commission has assessed expressions of interest, it may invite you to submit a full application.

You need to outline the:

  • need, challenge or opportunity behind your innovation
  • approach you intend to take, including the focus of the innovation
  • project team and their roles
  • target market
  • possible impact of the project outside the project team
  • management plans
  • main risks
  • planned impact of an injection of public funding on the project
  • costs and how the project represents value for money for the team and the taxpayer

You need to give full:

  • project costs
  • organisational details
  • funding details for each organisation involved (if this applies)

You will have been notified of the RDG funding decision by 6 July 2018. If you were successful then you must complete the project within 9 months, and by 31 March 2019.

Payments and claim forms

If you’re successful, you’ll be sent a claim form with your agreement. Payments can be made in 2 instalments. You can claim the first instalment for half of the funding when the project is at the halfway point. You can claim the second (final) instalment for the remaining half of the funding on completion.

You must submit the final claim before 31 March 2019 with evidence of expenditure, as set out on the claim form.

Contact the Forestry Commission

Contact the Forestry Innovation Fund team for more information:

Find out how to make a complaint or appeal.

Forest Research

The research agency of the Forestry Commission offers a range of services to help with pest and disease control, and also offers resources such as publications, statistics and datasets.

Published 9 July 2018