HS2 in the Chilterns: documents to use in a petitioner's Select Committee

HS2 exhibits which may be used during the Select Committee when hearing petitions from the Chiltern area.


Exhibit Change Log

Exhibit A: HS2 and the Chilterns AONB

Exhibit B: Bill Scheme and Alternative Schemes

Exhibit C: Landscape Design

Exhibit D: Ancient Woodland and Ecology

Exhibit E: Sustainable Placement

Exhibit F: Heritage

Exhibit G: Agricultural Land

Exhibit H: Noise

Exhibit I: Public Rights of Way

Exhibit J: Groundwater and Hydrology

Exhibit K: Traffic and Highways

Exhibit L: Balancing Ponds

Exhibit M: Community Fund

Exhibit N: Control of Construction Impacts

Exhibit O: Maintenance Loop

Exhibit P: Railway Possession

Exhibit Q: Utility

Exhibit R: Vent Shafts

Exhibit S: Visual Impacts

Exhibit T: Correspondence

Exhibit U: Chiltern Tunnel Extension Report

Exhibit V: Chiltern Tunnel Extension

Exhibit W: Wendover Further Noise Mitigation Report

Exhibit X: Wendover Further Noise Mitigation


These documents hold Information presented to petitioners ahead of the September 2015 Select Committee hearing. They provide summaries on numerous aspects of the project in the Chilterns area.

Additional information on the alternative tunnel proposals made by petitioners against the High Speed Rail (London – West Midlands) Bill in the Chilterns, can be found here:

Published 26 August 2015