Health and Social Care Act 2012: post-legislative assessment

An assessment on whether the Health and Social Care Act 2012 met its objectives.



The Act falls into 12 parts and is mostly concerned with the NHS in England:

  • Part 1: The Health Service in England
  • Part 2: Further Provision about Public Health
  • Part 3: Regulation of Health and Adult Social Care Services
  • Part 4: NHS Foundation Trusts & NHS Trusts
  • Part 5: Public Involvement and Local Government
  • Part 6: Primary Care Services
  • Part 7: Regulation of Health and Social Care Workers
  • Part 8: The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence
  • Part 9: Health and Adult Social Care Services: Information
  • Part 10: Abolition of Certain Public Bodies
  • Part 11: Miscellaneous
  • Part 12: Final Provisions

The overall assessment was the Act had achieved most of its objectives, in particular by putting in place new structures for the NHS in England.

Published 22 July 2014