Guidance to English Energy Conservation Authorities: the Home Energy Conservation Act 1995

Updated guidance to help local authorities in England with 2021 reporting requirements of their plans to support the delivery of energy efficiency improvements to residential properties within their area.

Applies to England



This guidance, issued under the Home Energy Conservation Act 1995, asks local authorities (LAs) to publish a report by 31 May 2021 outlining their plans to promote improved energy efficiency in their areas (then by 31 May 2023 and alternate years thereafter). The data submitted through these reports helps to inform policy thinking on energy efficiency, and to build an ongoing picture of local and national energy efficiency policy delivery.

Process for submitting reports

Having previously piloted the submission of reports via a digital platform, LAs will again be asked to populate their Home Energy Conservation Act (HECA) Report online. In 2021 LAs are asked to submit materials via the Microsoft Forms platform. Microsoft Forms does not allow respondents to save their responses and return at a later date. As such, we advise that respondents use the table of questions in the PDF document on this page to formulate their responses before opening the survey.

The department asks local authorities to submit their reports via the digital platform wherever possible. No other reporting material or submissions will be required. LAs continue to be required to publish their responses, and they can do this in whichever form they wish, so long as the published report contains core information submitted via the digital platform. It is not necessary for LAs to publish all the information submitted via the digital platform if they do not feel this would be appropriate.

LAs will be sent a link to the Microsoft Forms survey when requested. To request the survey, the person responsible for completing the HECA report within the LA should email stating their Local Authorities name and that they wish to receive a HECA 2021 report link.

Published 26 July 2012
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  1. Updated guidance to help local authorities in England with 2021 reporting requirements.

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