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Geographical names index

Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office's (FCDO) current list of approved British English-language names for countries and territories.



These are the British English-language names and descriptive terms for countries, Crown Dependencies and Overseas Territories, as well as their citizens. These names are approved by the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO).

In these lists, ‘country’ is the 2-letter ISO 3166-1 code for the country.

The ‘name’ is FCDO’s approved name for the country. This should always be used to describe the country.

The citizen names in the lists aren’t the legal names for the citizen. They don’t relate to the citizen’s ethnicity.

Published 8 March 2013
Last updated 5 April 2022 + show all updates
  1. Update to UK Overseas Territory names list.

  2. New list added: UK Crown Dependencies.

  3. Country names file amended: The Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal amended to Nepal

  4. Country names updated.

  5. New guidance added on the list of approved British English language names and descriptive terms for countries.

  6. Country names updated

  7. Updated country name Macedonia to North Macedonia

  8. Updated list of country names

  9. Country names list updated.

  10. Country names and Country and Territory names (HTML) files updated.

  11. Updated lists of countries and territories.

  12. FCO geographical names index - updated attachment.

  13. Updated with latest information.

  14. Updated with amended information.

  15. Update of both documents.

  16. First published.

  17. Updated Document.