Foster Carers' Charter

This charter sets out principles on how foster carers should be treated, and aims to attract more potential foster parents.



Also available: Foster Carers’ Charter: putting it in to practice and The Adopters’ Charter

Currently, many foster carers and children in care are facing obstacles to everyday activities, like going for haircuts and sleepovers, which can make children’s lives more difficult and put off those wanting to foster.

The Charter sets out clear principles on how foster carers should be treated, recognises their invaluable work and aims to encourage more people to sign up to be foster carers.

It is essential that foster carers are at the heart of arrangements for looked after children and must be fully engaged, supported and consulted at every stage. Without understanding how important the role of a foster carer is and what they can expect from others, it is so much harder to do the best for these children and young people.


  • Ministerial Foreword
  • Children come first
  • Local authorities and fostering services must
  • Foster carers must