Excise movements: claim for repayment of Excise Duty (HM6)

Use the form to claim a repayment of Excise Duty.



You can claim a repayment of Excise Duty if you’ve already told us about the overpayment on your return, and it can’t be offset on a future return.

To complete this form you may need a:

  • VAT registration number (If applicable)
  • deferment approval number (DAN)

Before you start using the postal form

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You’ll need to fill in the form fully before you can print it. You can’t save a partly completed form so we suggest you gather all your information together before you begin to fill it in.

Application to register for the Registered Consignee scheme (HM1)
Use form HM1 to apply for approval as a Registered Consignee.

Return of Excise duty for Registered Consignees or Registered Commercial Importers (HM2)
Use form HM2 to submit your return of excise duty as a Registered Consignee or Registered Commercial Importer.

Application to register as a Registered Commercial Importer (HM3)
Use form HM3 to apply for approval as a Registered Commercial Importer.

Request to import excise goods bought duty-paid in another EU Member State (HM4)
Use form HM4 to apply for approval to import duty-paid excise goods from other EU countries into the UK. Once accepted by HMRC, it will be endorsed to prove that UK duty has been secured on the goods.

Authority to use another trader’s deferment approval number (HM8)
Use form HM8 when you need authority to account for Excise Duty by using another trader’s Deferment Approval Number (DAN)

Application to register as a tax representative (HM9)
Use form HM9 to apply for approval as a UK tax representative.

Return of Excise Duty for tax representatives (HM10)
Use form HM10 if you’re a UK tax representative that needs to declare the UK duty payable on goods imported under your approval.