EU directive on patients' rights in cross-border healthcare

Explains the rights of patients and helps the NHS understand the obligations set forward by the directive.



This information document accompanies the National Health Service (Cross Border Healthcare) Regulations 2013. It explains the rights and entitlements of patients and helps all relevant parts of the NHS understand the obligations set forward by the directive. It also includes some information for NHS providers, who may receive requests from overseas patients for treatment in the UK under the provisions of the directive.

The regulations and the accompanying directions from the Secretary of State set out the obligations placed on NHS England and clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) in England. The directions specify in more detail what NHS England and CCGs must do to carry out the duties imposed on them by the regulations.

The implementation of the directive was consulted on in spring 2013.

More information on cross-border healthcare policy can be found on the European Commission website

Published 25 October 2013