Independent report

Establishing food standards for NHS hospitals

This Hospital Food Standards Panel report recommends a set of food standards that should become routine practice across NHS Hospitals.


The report looks at standards relating to patient nutrition and hydration, healthier eating across hospitals and sustainable food and catering services.

NHS adoption of the recommended standards will be required through the NHS contract meaning that hospitals will have a legal duty to comply with the recommendations.

The panel, set up by Health Minister Dr Dan Poulter and led by Dianne Jeffrey from Age UK, examined existing food standards, advising on how they should be applied and monitored.

The cost benefit analysis document summarises the analysis into whether the recommended standards are affordable and could be delivered at low cost with substantial benefits.

The toolkit can be used to help NHS organisations develop and maintain a hospital food and drink strategy as recommended in the Hospital Food Standards Panel report.

The NHS hospital food prezi report explains how NHS providers can comply with the hospital food required standards.