Employer's requirements Part A: General conditions

General Conditions and Annexes.

Applies to England


Part A: General conditions


This document sets out:

  • general conditions and requirements
  • design and construction protocols
  • information deliverables and communications
  • management of the construction process
  • exchange information requirements

Part A should be read in conjunction with:


These documents form the Employer’s Requirements for the DfE Construction Framework 2021 and the Offsite Schools Framework (MMC1). Part B and Part C include the school or further education output specification.

For use by:

  • contractors
  • technical professionals
  • suppliers
  • schools
  • academies
  • providers
  • local authorities
  • dioceses

For specific output specification queries please contact:

For further information on DfE Construction Framework 2021 please

For further information on DfE Schools Offsite Framework (MMC1) please contact:

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