Exporting to Iran

A detailed guide for British businesses on developing their overseas trade and doing business in Iran.



The guide contains information on:

  • Iran export overview
  • preparing to do business in Iran
  • Iranian economy and doing business in Iran
  • opportunities for UK businesses in Iran
  • challenges and risks of doing business in Iran
  • starting-up in Iran
  • legal system in Iran
  • banking and finance in Iran
  • tax and customs considerations in Iran
  • entry requirements for doing business in Iran
  • contacts in Iran

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Published 16 July 2015
Last updated 9 June 2023 + show all updates
  1. Addition of new section 5.2 on protection of trading interests updating EU blocking regulation paragraph previously in section 5.1.

  2. Minor change

  3. Update on reimposition of US nuclear-related sanctions on Iran as of 5 November 2018.

  4. We have added information about the US withdrawal from JCPoA.

  5. November 2016 update of exporting to Iran guide.

  6. Information updated.

  7. Minor changes to text and additional links included

  8. Added in UKTI contact details in Section 6.

  9. Updated information

  10. Updated with latest information.

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