Independent report

Department of Health survey of external stakeholders: 2013

Annual survey report on stakeholder perceptions of working with DH.



The DH stakeholder perceptions survey report provides:

  • an overall impression of perceptions of the Department
  • its performance in managing relationships with stakeholders
  • ways to improve how we work with our partners

This independent survey was undertaken in July 2013, shortly after major changes to the health service in England came into effect. Stakeholders recognised that the survey was undertaken during a time of transition, when the Department of Health and the wider health and care system were taking on new roles and responsibilities.

The findings of the survey, shows that we are improving relationships with our partners and becoming more effective in how we work with external stakeholders generally.

While the overall findings are positive, there is more that we can do to build on what we have achieved.

The Departmental Improvement Plan, published on 10 April, sets out the range of actions we are undertaking in response to this survey.

Published 24 April 2014