Department for Transport procurement strategy

Information on the Department's commercial and procurement strategy and how it will be implemented across the Department and its Agencies.

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This strategy is no longer current. For the latest information please see ‘Procurement at DfT’.



Centralised category procurement

Centralised category procurement (CCP) is a key part of the government’s centralising procurement agenda. It provides an established process for developing a procurement strategy for each CCP category, and a governance structure that will deliver a mandated outcome for each category. CCP has ministerial backing and is government policy, and the Minister of State for Transport has responsibility for ensuring CCP is implemented across the DfT family (DfT centre and agencies).

The CCP approach has been adopted by the department, with category leads appointed across the department’s procurement specialists to represent the whole department’s needs. This approach enables category leads to develop an in-depth knowledge of their particular areas of spend.

The government’s CCP agenda means that DfT will no longer be responsible for letting contracts in certain categories of common goods and services, but the expertise built up by the category leads will provide DfT with a strong intelligent customer resource to feed into wider government initiatives.

DfT has in place a lead official for each CCP category together with a supporting structure that provides DfT family-wide engagement through the operation of representative user groups for each CCP category.

The following procurement categories are covered by the CCP initiative:

Category Category Leads (Business Unit)
Legal DfT(C)
Temporary Staff DfT(C)
Advisory Consultancy DfT(C)
Transport Research and Technical Advice DfT(C)
Print and Promotional Materials DVLA/ DfT(C)
Office Supplies and Stationery DVLA
Office Equipment DVLA
Post and Couriers DVLA/GCDA
Vehicles: purchase, lease, repairs and maintenance HA/GCDA
Utilities HA
Learning and Development HA
Clothing and Uniforms HA
Facilities Management DSA
Travel MCA
Events and Exhibitions MCA

Strategic procurement activity

Procurement activity that lies outside the centralised categories is undertaken by the central Department (DfT(C)) and agency procurement teams as separate procurements.

Current major areas of procurement activity are undertaken by the following business units:

Business Unit Activity
DfT(C) HS2
DfT(C) Rail Franchising
DfT(C) Rolling Stock Procurement
DfT(C) Road Traffic Information Provision
DfT(C) Search and Rescue Services
DfT(C) Shared Service Centre Divestment
DSA Driving Theory Test
DSA CRB Checks
DSA Fraud Investigation
DVLA ICT Contract Let Programme
DVLA Front Office Counter Service Transactions
DVLA Merchant Acquirer Services
GCDA Chauffeuring
GCDA Specialist Couriers
HA Road Construction Projects
HA Road Construction Project Management
HA Road Construction Architects and Surveyors
HA Traffic Information Systems
MCA Search and Rescue (Helicopter) Services (including relief crews, training and maintenance)
MCA Pollution Clearance
MCA Aerial Surveys
MCA Marine Traffic Management
MCA Emergency Communications
MCA Hydrograph Services
VCA Vehicle Testing Equipment
VOSA Test Equipment Purchase and Maintenance
VOSA Enforcement Equipment Purchase and Maintenance
VOSA MOT Computerisation

Further information about the CCP categories and strategic procurement activity can be sought from the appropriate contacts.

Published 21 February 2012