Policy paper

Dementia: post-diagnostic care and support

Joint declaration across government, health, social care and the third sector to deliver better quality services to people with dementia.



A shared approach to improving the care and support people with dementia, their families and carers receive following a diagnosis.

Who’s signed up

The Age Related Diseases and Health Trust

Age UK

Alzheimer’s Society

Association of Directors of Adult Social Services

Beth Britton – Freelance campaigner and consultant

Brendan Clifford – Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council on behalf of the Adults Principal Social Worker Network

Department of Health

Dementia Action Alliance

Dementia UK

Health Education England

Local Government Association

London Dementia Strategic Clinical Network

National Association of Primary Care

NHS England

NHS Improving Quality

Public Health England

Royal College of GPs

These signatories welcome collaboration from other organisations providing care and support to people with dementia and families and carers who may wish to be part of this declaration. Please contact post-diagnostic care and support declaration for further details.

Published 8 January 2016