Statutory guidance

Delegation of authority to foster carers

This publication was withdrawn on 3 July 2015

This content has been incorporated into ‘Children Act 1989: care planning, placement and case review ‘ (volume 2). You can find more information about foster carers in ‘Children Act 1989: fostering services’ (volume 4).

Statutory guidance on entrusting decision making to carers of looked-after children.



This statutory guidance is for local authorities and includes:

  • children’s services social workers
  • supervising social workers
  • front-line managers who have particular responsibilities in relation to looked-after children
  • lead members
  • directors of children’s services
  • managers of services for looked-after children
  • commissioners of services for looked-after children
  • independent reviewing officers

It is also relevant to providers of services to looked-after children, including:

  • private, voluntary and public sector providers
  • foster carers and residential workers

This guidance provided replaces paragraphs:

A consolidated version of the ‘Children Act 1989: care planning, placement and case review’ will be published in autumn 2014. This guidance will form part of that consolidated guidance.