Council Tax and business rates - home-based businesses

In England and Wales your local property tax will be either Council Tax or non-domestic rates.



The local property tax you pay depends on your property type.

Business properties are covered by non-domestic rates and domestic properties by Council Tax.

Some properties are partly for business and partly for domestic use, so you may have to pay both taxes eg a pub or public house, or a shop where the publican or shop owner lives on the premises or in a flat above the business.

What if you run a home-based business?

When using your home for minor business purposes, the Government does not normally expect you to pay business rates if:

  • you use a small part of your home for your business (eg a bedroom – for part of the day as an office)
  • you do not use it to sell goods or services to visiting clients or members of the public (as opposed to selling by post)
  • you do not employ other people to work at the premises
  • you have made alterations that are not for a domestic purpose (such as converting a garage into a hairdressers or installing a hydraulic car lift)

These are general guidelines.