Controlled shooting of badgers in the field under licence to prevent the spread of bovine TB in cattle

This publication was withdrawn on 26 August 2014

This document has been superseded and a new version is available. This version has been archived.

Best practice for the controlled shooting of free-ranging badgers in the field and the associated use of artificial light (i.e. 'lamping').



Compliance with this guidance will normally be a condition of a licence issued for the killing of badgers by this means to prevent the spread of bovine TB. Actions described in this guidance may only be undertaken where a specific licence under the Protection of Badgers Act 1992 authorising the killing of badgers has been issued AND in accordance with Class Licence WML-CL05 covering these methods. This guidance does NOT confer any authority to undertake the actions described.

Those acting under licence must ensure that all licence conditions are complied with and must take all reasonable steps to ensure that the licensed operations are carried out safely and humanely. This document does not cover planning and carrying out an effective badger control operation over the whole of a (proposed) licence area; this should be dealt with in the application Badger Control Plan.