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Common basic data set (CBDS): requests for change (RFC) 2015

Completed RFCs that we'll make to the CBDS during 2015, including details of the change and the reasons for the request.



These files contain information for suppliers developing software and management information systems (MIS) for local authorities and schools.

The CBDS database is also available.

Published 28 January 2015
Last updated 29 December 2015 + show all updates
  1. Added 'RFC 856: new data items - country of birth and nationality' and 'RFC 858: changes to QAN and discount code data items'.
  2. Added 'RFC 854: new data item - post looked after arrangements'.
  3. Added 'RFC 847: changes to the NC year group codeset' and 'RFC 849: new data item - traineeships'.
  4. Added 'RFC 845: changes to the CIN factors codeset'.
  5. Added 'RFC 837: change to UCI valid values'.
  6. Added 'RFC 831: changes to the SEN provision codeset'.
  7. Added 'RFC 830 - new data items - early years teacher status'.
  8. Added 'RFC 819: new codeset - signposting off-site childcare'.
  9. Added 'RFC 807: changes to nation states and countries codeset', 'RFC 809: new data item - early years pupil premium' and 'RFC 813: changes to basis for funding codeset'.
  10. Added 'RFC 793: changes to additional payments type codeset' and 'RFC 804: changes to 2 xml tags (disability and local authority or school level)'.
  11. Added 'RFC 795: new code - all through school type'.
  12. Added 'RFC 784: changes to ethnicity codeset'.
  13. Added the following requests for change: 771, 772, 773, 776, 777 and 778.
  14. First published.