CAP Reform: introduction to the new Common Agricultural Policy schemes

An overview of what the new Common Agricultural Policy schemes will mean in England.



Each of our CAP Reform Countdown leaflets is designed to be read as part of a series of updates and to build on the one before it. When full guidance for each of the CAP schemes is published, it will replace some of what’s in these leaflets.

You can find a list of published guidance – covering Basic Payment Scheme and Rural Development Programme schemes – at

This leaflet provides an introduction to the new 2015 CAP schemes, and an overview of what they will mean for you. The leaflet includes:

  • some details of the Basic Payment Scheme, the greening rules and young farmers payment
  • an overview of the new Rural Development Programme
  • a timetable over which the new schemes will be introduced
  • an introduction to the new online service

Further information will be published on GOV.UK at as schemes are finalised.