Business tax – form

Climate Change Levy: relief supporting analysis (PP10)

Use form PP10 to provide supporting analysis of relief on energy use for Climate Change Levy.



Use this form to:

  • give HM Revenue and Customs information to support your certificate of entitlement to relief from the main rates of Climate Change Levy (CCL)
  • work out the total relief to use on form PP11 supplier certificate

Before you start

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Climate Change Levy: supplier certificate (PP11)
Use form PP11 to tell your supplier the level of relief to use against your liability to CCL.

Excise Notice CCL1: a general guide to Climate Change Levy
Notice about the main rates of CCL.

Excise Notice CCL1/3: Climate Change Levy - reliefs and special treatments for taxable commodities
Notice about supplies of taxable commodities that are exempt from CCL or have reduced rates.