Independent report

Chief Medical Officer annual report 2014: women’s health

Analysis and recommendations on a range of women's health issues, including obesity, cancer and reproductive health.



The report examines women’s health in England and makes a range of recommendations to improve it.

It identifies several missed opportunities for intervention in women’s health, and brings attention to ‘embarrassment’ as a needless barrier to health.

The main themes include:

  • obesity and its impact on women’s health, including reproductive health
  • women’s health in later life (menopause)
  • women’s health in later life (pelvic floor dysfunction and incontinence)

The report has been developed with the help of expert academic and clinician input and recommends that obesity be included in the government’s national risk planning.

Professor Dame Sally Davies’ report is independent of government and is aimed at government, regulators, policy makers and healthcare professionals.

Each recommendation is targeted at specific organisations.

Published 11 December 2015