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Central government websites: reporting on progress 2014 to 2015

This progress report on open central government websites includes metrics providing usage, accessibility and satisfaction ratings data.


Central government websites 2014 to 2015

Central government websites 2014 to 2015

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Following the government response to the report conducted by the UK Digital Champion, Martha Lane Fox, the Government Digital Service (GDS) was set up. Amongst other tasks, it was charged with developing a single domain for government to provide better, simpler, more accessible information for citizens that was both cheaper and easier to operate for departments.

GOV.UK was launched in October 2012 and by May 2013 all central government departments had moved to it. As part of this process, departments are working to support the closure of many of their existing websites whose content can be better made available on GOV.UK, as part of establishing the single domain.

Published 20 July 2015