Corporate report

Business plan for 2018-2020

This business plan sets out what the Adjudicator's Office is going to do between 2018 and 2020.



The Adjudicator’s Office business plan 2018-20 sets out our objectives and what we will do to reach our vision.

There are four key themes in our plan:

  • our customers: we will improve the service we give to our customers
  • our people: we will develop and engage our own people in order to benefit from their experience and potential
  • our organisation: we will transform the way we work, responding to the needs of our customers in order to become a more efficient and accountable organisation
  • learning from complaints: we will use our insight and expertise to learn from complaints to improve services to customers (both the department and within the Adjudicator’s Office)
Published 1 November 2018