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Bovine TB epidemiology and surveillance in Great Britain, 2019

Analysis of the results of bovine TB epidemiology and surveillance in England and Great Britain in 2019.

Applies to England, Scotland and Wales



Epidemiology report for England

This report provides detailed analysis and interpretation of the bovine TB epidemic in England in the light of control measures and policy (i.e. the strategy for achieving Officially Bovine Tuberculosis free status for England).

It explains the England control strategy with chapters on the:

  • level of TB in England and changes over time
  • characteristics of infected herds
  • effectiveness of surveillance
  • impact of TB and of the control measures
  • detailed epidemiology of disease in the high risk area
  • summaries of the epidemiology of the disease in the low risk and edge areas

Explanatory supplement to the reports

This has been published to support the GB surveillance data report, the epidemiology report for England, and the end of year epidemiology reports for the low risk area and edge area.

It explains where the data comes from, methodology used, definitions and control protocols for TB.

The text is taken from the explanatory text published in reports from previous years and is published as a separate reference document to reduce the length of the data and epidemiology.

GB surveillance data report

This report provides detailed surveillance data tables and graphics about the status of bovine TB in cattle in England, Scotland and Wales in 2019 and shows some historical trends. The report should be read with the explanatory supplement.

Previous reports

See the previous year’s bovine TB epidemiology and surveillance in Great Britain reports.

Published 1 October 2020
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