Cuba - Bereavement Pack

Information sheet to assist those bereaved following the death of a British national in Cuba.


Bereavement pack- Cuba


The death of a relative or a friend can be a traumatic experience. When the death occurs overseas, family and friends in the UK can feel additional distress as they are unfamiliar with foreign procedures and perhaps are unable to communicate in the language of the country where the death occurred.

The Consular Directorate of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and our Consulate in Havana are ready to help as far as they can. You may be uncertain about what to do next or who to contact for advice. These notes are designed to help you through the practical arrangements you will need to make. You should be aware that procedures may differ significantly to those in the United Kingdom and that, while we understand your need for arrangements to be made quickly, this is not always possible.

The information contained in this document is not meant to be a definitive statement of the law, nor is it to be taken as a substitute for independent legal advice.

Published 25 July 2018