Licence application to hold a specified animal pathogen in England

This publication was withdrawn on 1 April 2015

This form is out of date and has been archived. Guidance on applying for a SAPO licence is available on the Health and Safety Executive website.

Form to apply for a licence to handle the pathogen(s) under the provisions of the Specified Animal Pathogens Order 2008.



The Specified Animal Pathogens Order 2008 (as amended) (“the Order”) prohibits any person from having in their possession any Specified Animal Pathogen listed in Part I of the Schedule to the Order or any carrier in which he/she knows such a pathogen is present, and from introducing into any animal any pathogen listed in the Schedule, except under the authority of a licence issued by the appropriate Minister.

The Order also requires that if any person has in their possession anything in which he/she has reasonable grounds for believing that a Specified Pathogen listed in Part 1 of the Schedule may be present, and does not hold a licence to handle that pathogen, they must notify a veterinary inspector immediately.

The purpose of the Order is to prevent the introduction and spread into Great Britain of Specified Animal Pathogens which are not endemic and which, if introduced, would cause serious disease and economic loss to the livestock industry. The Order has no application to any animal pathogen or carrier contained in licensed veterinary or human medicines.

Specified Animal Pathogen means an animal pathogen listed in Section II of this form and includes:

  • intact pathogens
  • pathogens which have been attenuated or genetically modified by any means
  • any nucleic acid derived from an animal pathogen listed in the Schedule to the Order which could produce that pathogen when introduced into a biological system in which the nucleic acid is capable of replicating

Pathogens requiring a licence for possession or introduction into an animal are listed in Section II of this form.

For further information, see the guidance document on the controls on animal pathogens.