AIM Awards: Special conditions: August 2014

We have placed special conditions on AIM awards to make sure its processes and procedures for ESOL qualifications work as intended.

This publication was withdrawn on

The organisation has met the conditions and these have now been lifted.



Awarding organisation Issue Action taken Case status
AIM Awards (AIM) Development, delivery and award of ESOL qualifications Imposed special conditions (at recognition) Open

AIM has been a recognised awarding organisations since November 2010. On 6 August 2014, we accepted AIM’s application to be recognised for English for speakers of other languages (‘ESOL’) qualifications.

At the same time, we decided to impose special conditions on AIM for its new ESOL qualifications. This is because:

  • AIM has not previously offered regulated ESOL qualifications
  • AIM is proposing to deliver its new ESOL qualifications via a third party arrangement with another organisation
  • AIM’s processes and procedures have not yet been implemented and tested
  • we want to make sure that AIM’s proposed new processes and procedures, including the arrangement with the other organisation, are working as intended

We will keep these special conditions under review, and will remove them when they are no longer necessary.

Published 19 August 2014