Policy paper

AHWBE recommendation to allocate funds for animal health and welfare

AHWBE recommendation for the allocation of funds to improve animal health and welfare.



The Animal Health and Welfare Board for England (AHWBE) has recommended that, as part of the government’s future farming policy, specific funds should be allocated to improve animal health and welfare in farmed animals. These funds would help to:

  • support growth in productivity and competitiveness
  • enhance our national reputation for quality
  • reduce antimicrobial use
  • improve biosecurity

Ministers will take the board’s recommendation into account alongside the forthcoming public consultation on future farming policy.

Under its terms of reference, the AHWBE is the principal source of departmental advice to ministers on strategic health and welfare matters relating to kept animals in England.

You can read more information about the work of the Animal Health and Welfare Board for England.

Published 16 February 2018