November 2015: websites advertising homeopathic medicines

Published 30 December 2015

The following companies have amended their advertising following MHRA action on complaints to ensure that homeopathic medicines/Tissue Salts are promoted within the terms of their authorisation or registration:

  • Homepathy Express
  • Nutricentre
  • Health Stuff

Please note that the listing relates to specific advertising action taken on a particular date and provides no endorsement of the ongoing practices of the website.

Details of MHRA guidance for advertising of homeopathic medicines can be found in Appendix 2 of the Blue Guide.

MHRA guidance:

Tissue Salts/Schuessler Salts are considered to be medicinal products if any of the following appear in promotional material:

  • the terms ‘homeopathic remedy’, and/or ‘homeopathy’ and/or ‘homeopathically prepared’
  • a numerical value for the potency eg 6X and/or the word ‘potency’ itself
  • indications for use in a medical condition

All other cases will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.