Advance Information for Summer 2022

Published 7 February 2022

Applies to England

Acknowledge by 2 February 2022

Dear Responsible Officer,

I am writing to confirm the date on which you should publish your advance information for the summer 2022 exams.

Requirement to provided advance information

As you are aware, DfE has decided, as a matter of policy, that advance information about the focus of the content of exams should be provided in 2022 for all subjects at GCSE, AS and A level except GCSE English literature, history, ancient history and geography and GCSE, AS and A level art and design.

Date for publication of advance information

In accordance with GCSE 4.4(a)(i) and GCE 4.4(a), you must publish information in relation to the content that will be assessed in the summer 2022 exams on 7 February 2022.

Yours sincerely,

Julie Swan

Deputy Chief Regulator