Administrative sources statement

This statement sets out DECC’s approach to the use of administrative sources for statistical purposes.



Official statistics published by the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) are based on two main sources: data gathered from statistical surveys, and data extracted from administrative or management systems. This statement sets out the Department’s approach to the use of administrative sources for statistical purposes, as required by Protocol 3 of the Code of Practice for Official Statistics.

By using data which is already available within administrative or management systems, rather than collecting data afresh, DECC are able to limit the overall burden placed on data providers, and also avoid the costs of mounting dedicated data collection exercises. In addition, the information DECC extract from such systems often has the advantage of being more timely than statistical survey data and, when compared with data from surveys (and particularly sample surveys), can also deliver data with a greater breadth of coverage. The information published relates to the major systems used to produce statistics in DECC and its Arm’s Length Bodies – in particular Ofgem.