Research and analysis

2012 maladministration report

This report details the range of allegations of maladministration reported to the STA maladministration team throughout the 2012 test cycle.


2012 maladministration report


The term ‘maladministration’ refers to any act that could jeopardise the integrity, security or confidentiality of the key stage 2 levels 3-5 and level 6 national curriculum tests, key stage 2 English writing sample tests, key stage 2 science sampling tests and the key stage 1 phonics screening check, and could lead to results that do not reflect the unaided abilities of children.

It could refer to a range of actions, including test papers being incorrectly opened, children cheating, over-aiding of children by test administrators or changes being made to children’s test scripts by someone other than the child.

This report examines the patterns of allegations made and outcomes of cases in 2012 and compares these to data from 2010 and 2011.

Published 22 August 2013