Library services

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Arts Council funds and support for libraries

Grants for the arts

To get more people involved in cultural activities, the Arts Council is providing an extra £6 million in ‘Grants for the Arts’ funding for libraries to support projects between libraries and artists or arts organisations.

Public libraries can apply for grants of between £1,000 and £100,000 covering activities lasting up to 3 years. The fund will run until March 2015.

Automatic library membership for children and young people

The Arts Council, supported by DCMS and the Department for Education, is currently running 22 projects to give automatic library membership to children and young people, to encourage them to use their local library.

Envisioning the library of the future

‘Envisioning the library of the future’ is a programme of research and debate to help develop a long-term vision for public libraries in England. It is due to be published in April 2013.

Libraries Development Initiative

The Libraries Development Initiative is run by the Arts Council with the Local Government Association. It is designed to try new ways of providing library services. The project looks at how libraries can work together with arts and other cultural organisations to improve the way people experience arts and culture.

Community managed and community supported libraries research

The Arts Council has published a report, ‘Community libraries - Learning from experience: guiding principles for local authorities’ about the different ways in which communities are involved in library service provision and management.

The research, carried out in July 2012, provides a summary of the various ways in which communities are involved in library provision in England. It also offers some guiding principles for local authorities on how community managed libraries can be run.